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Hello and welcome to the homepage of H&H Machining Inc. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. H&H Machining Inc is a full-service, quick response organization designed to meet your specific needs.

We're here to help-24 hours a day, everyday

H&H Machining, founded in 1967 by Wes Harris, continues in the tradition Wes created: quality precision machining. A family owned business, H&H Machining is noted for quality production and timely delivery. We offer 24-hour service every day of the year to help meet our clients' needs when they are in a time of crisis, whether that's a production run, equipment breakdown, or sub-assembly job. We'll help you eliminate costly, wasteful shutdowns, and you can be sure repairs will always be done right the first time.

Proven Experience. Proven Results

Throughout the four decades we've been in business, H&H has provided quality service for a variety of industries. We have had or continue to have parts on the following: the lunar launches by NASA, manufactured parts for the F-16 fighter jet prototype, the Phalynx weapon and the Tomahawk and other cruise missiles for the United States military. H&H also provides precision industrial, automotive, commercial and food processing equipment repair and does production runs for many different firms. Our list of past and present customers is evidence that we have and continue to meet the strictest of Quality Control Standards: Boeing, Caterpillar, Eureka, SMF, Inc., Interlake, Hart Carter, Bryton Technology (BTI), Nestle-Beich, North American, Otis Elevator, Quality Truck, Brownie Special Products, Trans-Technology, Martin-Marietta, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Climate Control, Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America, Anvil Brand Shoe Co.

Getting the Job Done-Your Way

We offer production facilities and machine shop work performed to your precise specifications using only the finest quality materials. This means that the parts work right for you the first time, saving you time and money. And, with our excellent problem-solving abilities, we can provide cost-effective solutions for all your custom jobs. Take advantage of our full shop capabilities including surface grinding, lathe, milling and CNC production. With a full line of machining equipment and extensive stock inventory we can meet almost any immediate demand placed on us.
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